Our Products

Q. What size is this helmet, gauntlet, etc.?
A. It will be made to your measurements. We occasionally make prototypes that do not have a customer waiting for them, but we do not make a policy of stocking anything.

Q. Can you make it in a heavier gauge?
A. Within reason, yes. It will cost more due to the increased materials, labour and shipping costs, but we are happy to oblige.

Q. Where is your armour made? Is it imported?
A. All of our armour is made in Canada, at our workshop in Saskatoon, SK. All of our materials (metal, leather, wool) are sourced locally, and are of the best quality possible.

Q. Who makes your armour?
A. Our master armourer, Jeffrey Hildebrandt. He is not currently training apprentices, but interested parties are invited to contact him.

Q. Can you make a replica of my favourite piece from a museum/collection?
A. Yes, gladly. We will promptly quote a price, and do all of the requisite research. There is no charge for product development.

Q. Can you make a replica from my favourite movie/comic/video game?
A. Maybe. Copyright laws prevent us from advertising products based on someone else’s intellectual property, so all of the product development will go into a single piece, which has to be reflected in the price. Also, if the original only looks like it was made from metal, it will probably be a difficult and expensive design to reproduce. We can and we have, but it is generally expensive. It never hurts to ask, though – send us a picture and we will give you a free quote.


Q. How long will it take before I get it?
A. Check our main page for a regularly updated estimate of our backlog – that is how long from the time the order was placed until the time the order is started. Some projects like a simple helmet take a day or two to make while complicated projects like a full suit of armour can take months. The orders are shipped within one business day of final payment. If you are in a rush, let us know and we will offer you different carriers.

Q. Do you ship to my location?
A. We ship worldwide.