Replica of a Viking Age cauldron find from Dalarna county, Sweden. Based on measurements of the original, with a capacity of ~4 litres. Shown with a hand-forged chain to suspend the cauldron over a fire, fitted with an s-hook to adjust its height for temperature control, as found with the original cauldron.

This listing is for the cauldron and chain, so please contact us if you are interested in either cauldron or chain separately. The cauldron is provided un-sealed, and can be made water-tight by boiling a pot of porridge. Alternatively, the seams can be tinned for an additional US$40. Customers who have ordered this cauldron previously have expressed their amazement at how little it leaked, even before sealing.

The cauldron alone costs US$250
The chain alone costs US$70

Our cauldron research has uncovered documentation for plenty of other finds, other cookery items, etc, so if you are looking for something not currently offered, please feel free to contact us with an inquiry.