To secure a place in our queue, we require a 15% deposit. Unless we fail to begin the project in the time-frame specified, the deposit is non-refundable. Alterations to the order can be made while waiting for the previously-booked orders to be finished, but details need to be finalized a few months before the project starts, to ensure the appropriate materials are in-stock.

Deposits from cancelled orders cannot be forwarded to other orders already in our queue, though they may be used to secure a new order. Replaced orders or drastically altered orders may have to be moved back in our queue, to make sure they don’t affect the production of other previously scheduled projects.

We currently accept payment through PayPal and by personal cheque. If you require other options for payment, please inquire.


canada-post-logoWe ship worldwide. Quotes for shipping are generally calculated at the completion of the project, based on the weight and dimensions of the boxed work. This allows us to charge actual cost, rather than over-estimating. If a project budget requires a pre-calculated shipping rate, we can quote a rate based on shipping records for previous work of a similar nature.

Shipping insurance beyond the basic $100 standard coverage offered by Canada Post can be had at a rate of 2% of product worth. We do not add insurance unless requested to do so.

Our customers assume responsibility for their purchases after they have shipped, but can rest assured that we pack and document them carefully.

Approximate price of shipping to Canada for one helmet-sized item (4-6 business days) – US$25.

Approximate price of shipping to the USA for one helmet-sized item (6-12 business days) – US$35.


Upon completion of a project we will email high-resolution photos of the finished project for approval before expecting final payment, including shipping costs. It is the customer’s obligation to ensure that the appearance of the work meets his expectations, as reimbursement will not be given for problems which could have been mentioned and rectified at this stage. Fit is replacement/refund guaranteed.

Our products and services can be tailored to meet specific requirements – we welcome all inquiries, and answer them as thoroughly and promptly as we can.

Rush Orders

When a project deadline does not permit a customer to wait the full length of our backlog, we can sometimes still fit the order in. It is extremely important to us that our regularly-scheduled orders not be delayed, so rush orders are fit in during after-hours and days off. As a consequence, we add a 25% surcharge to the order. Rushing large orders is seldom possible.


We do not recommend our products for any particular use, and expect those who use them to evaluate what is prudent and to take responsibility for their choice should it prove otherwise. We will not be held responsible for personal injury or damage to property caused by any of our products, nor will we replace or repair any of our work free-of-charge should it fail or become damaged during use.