Spangenhelm workshop

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I hosted my first workshop over the weekend. Five students, with varying levels of experience, made their own conical spangenhelms over a period of two days – with impressive results!

viking-helmet-workshop-1 viking-helmet-workshop-4 viking-helmet-workshop-3

Here are four of the budding armourers displaying the fruits of their labour:


I hope to make workshops a regular part of my Summer/Fall schedule, so anyone willing to venture to my shop in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula is encouraged to forward suggestions for future builds they would want to attend.

Feel free to post your comments below.

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    • Jeffrey Hildebrandt

      I hope to host a workshop on the long weekend at the end of August, beginning of September. I haven’t decided what projects to offer yet, and I am open to suggestions. Some suggestions so far have been Roman helmets or lorica segmentatae, hourglass gauntlets, and Japanese breastplates.

      • Alex

        You should do a lorica one workshop, a helmet another and continue the theme so people can make an entire set

  1. Robert

    I would be interested in attending a spangenhelm work shop, might you hold one next year at some point?

    • Jeffrey Hildebrandt

      Maybe even this Fall – I have plenty of interest in another one already! For anyone interested, send me an email and I will contact you to offer pre-registration in the next spangenhelm workshop, when I have a date set.

  2. Jeffrey Hildebrandt

    Robert, send me an email, then I will have your contact details searchable for when I host another workshop next year.

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